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Offering engineering surveying services to clients throughout Ireland and the UK.

Monitoring Surveys

Engineering Surveying

The term engineering surveying is used to describe the services provided by land surveyors on engineering and construction projects. These services include installing control networks, the setting out of structures, roads and utilities, as-built surveys, OGL surveys, precise levelling and earthwork volume calculation.


At Ryder Geospatial, our site engineering services allow us to see the project from initial planning and the carrying out of topographical surveys to the beginning of the construction work. We use multiple technologies to be able to give our clients the confidence that the setting out is being carried out to the highest standard.

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The Importance of Setting Out

Setting out is the procedure of transferring the building design onto the land so that the construction workers are able to follow it. This is done by ensuring that key points and markers are accurate so that precise building can take place.

Other than guiding the beginning of construction work, setting out is there to ensure that construction remains within legal boundaries. Setting out is necessary for all projects which need to stay within a strict boundary such as extensions, roads, bridges, new buildings, and more.

Investing in accurate and precise setting out services is best practice as neglecting to do so can end up costing you money in the future having to amend any developments that didn’t fit within your site.

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Engineering Surveying FAQ

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