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Legal Mapping | Boundary Surveys

Legal Mapping | Boundary Surveys

At Ryder Geospatial, our legal mapping and boundary surveys are a service we offer where an area is measured and mapped for the purposes of conveyancing, title registration, transfer of land, division of land, and leasing of land or property.


We are able to deliver this information to you by land registry compliant maps, land transfer maps, deceleration of identity, deed of rectification, boundary identification and verification, boundary setting gout and NIA & GIA calculations for lease agreements.

If you would like more information on these services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team

Boundary Surveys

Property and land boundaries are in place to provide an economic system of land transfer, however, sometimes there can be disputes over these boundaries. In instances like these, bringing in Ryder Geospatial is a great choice.

We are able to bring expertise with mapping and measurements, resulting in accurate and precise information and measurements of the area.

Land Registry Compliant Maps

If you are looking into converting your house, selling a portion of your land, or registering your property with Land Registry, you will need a Land Registry Compliant Plan.

Ryder Geospatial is able to produce a precise Land Registry Compliant map for clients looking to do any of the above with their property. This map can play a crucial part when selling your home and land as it will clearly dictate your property boundaries.

We precisely plot the location of your boundaries on site using a range of equipment.

If you have any questions on our land registry compliant maps , please contact us today.

Legal Mapping | Boundary Surveys FAQ

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