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Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are the precise method of surveying structures or features which are thought to be moving, or if there is a possibility of movement. This is done by repeatedly checking these structures or features to determine if there is any movement. If there is any movement, we then can quantify this and turn it into a report for our clients.

Another common application of monitoring surveys are to monitor if there is any deflection or deformation to structures due to a new load being added. For example, adding a floor or two to a building or adding a support beam to a bridge.

The movement in structures or features can be due to site ground works or even due to natural ground movements and settlement over time. By identifying movement in structures and applying the corrective measures, maintenance costs can be reduced and accidents avoided.

At Ryder Geospatial, we offer highly accurate data to all of our clients about their structures when availing of our monitoring surveys.

If you would like more information about monitoring surveys , please reach out to our team today.

The Benefits of Monitoring Surveys

The Benefits of Monitoring Surveys

Provides accurate, reliable data

Gives you the confidence to apply corrective measures, if needed

Prevents accidents and unnecessary work

Early signs of movement allows for immediate corrective work

[company_name] offers solutions to suit all of our clients’ needs

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Monitoring Surveys FAQ

  • I am looking for a surveying and mapping company near me, where are you located?
    Ryder Geospatial is located in Mayo, Ireland. However, we proudly work with clients in Ireland and the UK.
  • What is geospatial technology used for?
    We use geospatial technology to collect, analyse, store, and create surveys and maps for our clients. This information can inform our clients on many different things depending on the type of survey they are looking for.
  • How much do your services cost?
    All of the services at Ryder Geospatial range in price depending on the service you are receiving, the area we are surveying and mapping, and the length of time it will take us to complete. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs and give you a quote.
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